Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruminations on O&A's 2nd Anniversary

Wow! This little blog is now two years old, hard to believe! It's also the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, another historic event very near to my heart! I remember I was 7 years old, watching the updates on our black and white tv, the grownups very concerned, the kids not so much, not realizing the danger the astronauts were in--I remember watching the famous first step and hearing "One small step for man..." and my mom crying while she watched (I choke up too I must admit when I'm showing my kids this awesome achievement of humanity!) I remember going outside later with my father and looking up at the moon and wondering how it felt to be one of those 2 astronauts actually standing on the soil of the moon! :-)

 Sadly, this day also stands out for me because it was the last big event in my life before I was nearly killed in a bicycle accident a few weeks later--God blessed me with my life (and the birth of my youngest sister a few weeks later), but I lost part of my right foot...small price to pay for LIFE so yes, I am still grateful, especially since things could have gone much worse!!

Fast forward about 40 years...

"Out & About" or O&A came about 2 years ago after almost 2 years of constant harassment by the "Truthers", the silly name these Kate Gosselin/James McGibney haters/harassers/cyberbullies came to call themselves last year? Year before? Don't remember. The problem with cyberbullies is we are told to just ignore them! Block them! They'll get tired and eventually go away!! Yada yada yada...yet with this perverse group of people it was non-stop 'sockpuppets'/'socks' popping up almost daily with outrageous lies attacking me and my husband and even my CHILDREN (do they realize how much they suck at being "child advocates"?? I doubt it!They have VERY high opinions of themselves!)

They blamed me for websites I had NOTHING to do with. They blamed me for socks that attacked them which I had NOTHING to do with as I DON'T SOCK and never have. I and my husband have been libeled repeatedly as people who have broken federal laws prohibiting hacking of other people/websites/ etc. They get their jollies out of attacking other people anonymously and with a herd mentality and then pretend to be 'victims' if you fight back. Social media sites are useless IMO despite strict sounding "Terms of Service"--seems like the VICTIMS are the ones who get suspended while the BULLIES continue undisturbed in their hateful behaviors--and if they do get suspended,they pop right back up immediately, some with almost identical names/avatars despite TOS rules claiming that isn't allowed! I blame social media for a LOT of this unnecessary crap.

These haters are simply addicted to the hate. It's quite sad actually. Once they have you in their targets, you can NEVER get out, even if you never participate in social media again. They make up memes and lie outright claiming you are socking right along with them, even if it isn't true. *sigh*

Anyway, this went on for awhile. They kept on with their perverse behaviors, expanding their attacks not only on various social media sites I was a member of (Twitter, Facebook,, etc.) but to comments sections on random online websites, tabloids, news sites. It was very annoying, and aggravating. Sometimes there were death threats, and threats of violence against me or members of my family. I would snark back, sometimes successfully, but NEVER the way they did with nasty language or nasty images attacking them or their families as they did me...they banded together on Facebook, then on the now defunct hate speech blog "Reality Without Apologies"/RWA using copyrighted images of mine to photoshop their immaturity and hate in attacks against me, my husband, my children, my friends, then on Twitter, and then on what some folks call "The FAILBlog"...SMH at their "creativity" in honing their hatefulness not just against me, but other folks as well. A silver lining from this time is that I've made some dear friends in real life as a result! "What man meant for evil...God meant for good" is so true! :-)

But still, the non-stop attacks continued. "@insiderwhoknows" "@holaiscj"-among other socks, telling more and more outrageous lies and memes made up whole cloth out of LIES. Telling more and more of my private information--our complete address-telling each other to call CPS (I remember one nasty person saying you can call CPS anonymously, just call and tell them you were walking by and heard kids screaming in agony--and CPS would be required to investigate!) and the preacher at church, the principal and teachers at my daughter's elementary school, my husband's boss and HR dept...I repeatedly told them to leave me alone--I blocked and ignored, more socks, more attacks on RWA--and later on they intruded into REALITY with more of their lies, but more on that will be told later when the time is right.

I stopped posting to my 'mommy blog'/online journal because socks started popping in being nasty.

Finally, I just got tired of it. TOTALLY sick and tired of it all. I was damned if I was going to go into hiding and run away from Facebook and Twitter because that wouldn't do any good, and would only escalate the attacks against me and mine...I did finally grow so disgusted with the TLC page on Facebook that I un-liked the page (they created a meme saying my posts were deleted all the time and I was booted off the page, LOLOL, they have such creative imaginations!) and never went back. I refused to bow to the pressure of their hateful comments/images on RWA attacking me, my family, my deactivating my Twitter account and running away only to come back as a sock. I don't play sock games nor do I begrudge those who just was never something I felt I should be doing. I felt God wanted me to simply be...

Me. "WYSIWYG" as they used to teach computers in the early days of the internet.

So finally I decided to find out just exactly WHO was attacking me from behind 'sock' names. And I did. In fact, for the most part, it was really quite simple.

They outed THEMSELVES.

Not all of them, but many of the main players had horrible 'opsec'! I always stated I was not perfect and maybe my guesses were incorrect, and I put clues together, sometimes on track, sometimes not. Nowadays, with the help of rogue Anons and their felon BFFs, they've become quite adept at hiding themselves behind things like VPNs and TOR and pay sites that cover your...well, hide you from other folks. Things I myself have never used. Ultimately though they will be discovered by those much more efficient in these 'researching' abilities than me, with many more resources...I never paid for information on any website, all mine came from simple Google or Yahoo searches. It is amazing how much stuff is out there, even on people who NEVER participate on social media sites!

But back then, they didn't know about 'opsec' (operation security, or covering your tracks so you are untraceable)...and so I did what I always do when I want to find out more information about something...

I Googled. Just...googled.

And I Yahooed. Just...yahooed.

I Google Image searched. You would be surprised how easy it was to find public social media sites with their information right there on the Google index return/caches! Most would use the same avatar/profile picture for their accounts, merely going into the section where they could change the name, go do their attack dog thing, then go back to their real name on their account, with friends and family none the wiser of the nasty things they would say. They thought they were pretty smart about it too, and smug? Oh, I can't tell you the advanced level of smugness they displayed as they bashed adults and children both hiding behind anonymous names and sometimes even my own name or the names of people in my life.


To reiterate: I have NEVER paid a penny for any information, nor has anyone, including Bullyville, paid *me* for any information. Not one thin dime. 

One particularly hateful person was a senior citizen going by the name "Emerald City Jazz" who thought she was a smart cookie by linking a "Crime Magazine" allegedly fictional article written in her full name to her Twitter account. Most folks must have overlooked the author of the article but when I started Googling, all the clues were there, I just had to put them together, which I did. Here's a bit of how I did that from my very first article on this blog-







Who Is This Woman With "Long Brown Hair"?

By the way, I was contacted recently and told that my guess above *was*
right!! LLL allegedly works at a pet sitting service in California,
and used an old picture of herself from maybe 15-20 years ago...
the face structures/hairlines/nose/chin etc all match-so there's that.The features also
seem to match those of the poor, dead, shamed father of ECJ who had been a man
of honor, totally unlike his daughter. The woman smiling on the left was the wife
of the evil Jack Bokin, cousin of LLL and star of the criminal trial that picture comes from.

Did LLL recently really impersonate her company's legal department when Anonymous truth seekers learned where she works? Obviously LLL is panicking about how close Anons and LE are getting to her to do such a desperate thing that was easily traceable and reportable! SMH.

Anyhoo, when I addressed LLL by her real name back then during attacks by her, I had so many folks
in the background wondering how on earth I knew that when her secret identity
had been secret for so very long. It was too laborious explaining via email individually
or through DM's on Twitter, so I thought, you know what? Let me make a little
blog to post exactly how I came to my CORRECT conclusion that LLL was indeed
"@EmeraldCityJazz". If anyone else wanted to use that PUBLIC information to seek legal relief from LLL and her "Diva BFFs", then good on them.

Soon I was able to determine (mostly correct average, not bad!) who many of the prolificly ugly 'truthers' were-and I would report on the worst of the worst here on O&A. Some guest posters stood in for me while I was on a cruise vacation and busy with home life at times, but their identities were kept secret to protect them and their families. Unlike ALL of my information found, many images and facts about the 'Truthers'  still have never been shown publicly, unlike ALL of my "personal" information, photoshopped pics, etc. One of someone dressed as a character from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" was particularly disturbing-bustier and all!-still haunts me at times, but I'll get by, LOL.

The rest, as they say, is for the history books and the tabloids and the psychologists and psychiatrists to unravel and explain--James McGibney/@Bullyville arrived on the scene to find justice for victims of these 'Truthers'. He helped me and my family after someone from Sydney, Australia impersonated me with a fake gmail email addy...a fake blog in my full name...not the least crime that was committed was these people going after my 13 year old daughter in a most vicious way imaginable...I can't speak of other issues until AFTER the criminal activities of 
certain unnamed people involved in this story and others are finally exposed!
Which *will* be happening...sometime...soon...and JUSTICE will be served cold...tick...tock...tick...tock...

So happy 2nd anniversary, O&A, from someone who was dragged unwillingly into this "vortex of stoopid" as a certain Blog Talk Radio host likes to say. Maybe I will be able to shut down
this blog someday soon because quite simply, the "Truthers'" gang will be broken up permanently
and ringleaders/ignorant and not so ignorant followers brought to justice, and the TRUTH about anonymous sockpuppets and blogs and emails will see the light of day--and there simply won't be any need for O&A any more.

And I can go back to my 'mommy blog' without fear of being attacked with every mediocre posting I make there, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, or on Pinterest, or on any other social media website.

"S*** is about to get real" as the Anons like to say!

And I can't wait! :-)

#Popcorn #Karma #TRUTHWILLOUT

PS: I finally heard back from concerning reattaching original comments to my earlier posts that I had archived...they sent step by step instructions on re-pairing them, just gonna have to
sit down undisturbed and figure out those instructions. But I WILL figure them out so other folks
can see for themselves what truly happened, instead of listening to more lies from JenD and others.

Comments welcome below. Please keep them clean and curse free as much as possible, I feel constant cursing detracts from real dialogue with others! Thanks!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Rebuttal #2: CJ was NOT arrested, on probation, or any other such legal thing unlike certain haters in the past OR the future.

First, the LIES...
 "Bud Cooper" AKA "@userback" (Canada)

 "Pat Nicoll" AKA "Beach_Lover"  (USA)

"" AKA Lora Lynn Lusher (USA)

"JenW" AKA Jennifer Wheeler (USA)

 "Harry T Nacious" AKA Sue Mae/May Renee? Wong USA

(There are literally HUNDREDS more examples of these type of lies.)

This silly, easily disproved meme is one of the more
egregious lies to come from Lora Lynn Lusher and her cohorts (some felonious).
(PS: Answers also apply to my hubby)

I was NEVER handcuffed.

I was NEVER 'dragged off to the police car' with my
husband and minor children chasing officers and begging for second chances
for me and making wild promises to violate my First Amendment Rights and
shut me up online.

I was NEVER "dragged in for questioning" either.

I was NEVER fingerprinted for a crime, ANY crime,
despite certain persons (authorities have names and IP addresses,
THANK GOD!) in Sydney, Australia (waves to M&N!) creating
fake email account/s in my name in *2010* and other dates which apparently
were used to harass their "DivaBFFs" via email and God knows what other
venues while blaming me for THEIR
illegal actions...dozens?/hundreds?/thousands? of false reports with false accusations were also reported against me with the CITY OF ALLEN, TEXAS' MAYOR's office, CITY COUNCIL Members, POLICE CHIEF, and local police department, intending my children dire harm (removal by CPS) and expensive legal consequences for my husband and I.

KHater's Creed?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave,  

When first we practice to deceive”- Sir Walter Scott

(*Sorry, due to ongoing international investigations, I can't
speak of any other details concerning this situation.)

More lies and insanity from Lora Lynn Lusher AKA "@EmeraldCityJaz"on 
(among HUNDREDS of aliases online)

Despite their best efforts and ongoing games of "ha ha's" which continue to this day, and which
wasted God knows how much in city government/police department resources and
taxpayer dollars!! has documented emails from the defunct cyberterrorist website "Reality Without Apologies/RWA" if you are interest in further personal research.

I was NEVER visited "hundreds of times" by law enforcement officials  (only two official visits involving polite questions by the officers, no interrogation spotlights used or warrants served, over about a 9 month period or so)

I was NEVER arrested.  

I was NEVER put in an orange perp suit, or any other color jail outfit.

I was NEVER taken before a judge or jury in leg irons and handcuffs.

I NEVER spent time in a jail cell playing a harmonica and singing the blues.

No, not once. My record is legally clear, as is my husband's, as they always have been.


I know some folks who will NOT be able to make these same claims in the
near future.

Just sayin'.


Discuss. Play nice or take your toys and go home, 'cause
we have some grownup chattin' to do here on O&A.

Now get a move on.

Sources: 'doxes' (documentations)  

PS: Recently one of these people actually had the nerve (stupidity) to call my husband's work and LEAVE A MESSAGE IN THEIR REAL VOICE. The 3 minute long message, now EVIDENCE, rehashed the majority of the memes mentioned in this post. Like *67 is gonna hide you from one of the biggest TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES IN THE WORLD.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Rebuttal #1: CJ Did NOT Start "The Gosselin Wars"

(Was originally planning to insert a bazillion comments/tweets here promoting the hater meme that *I* began the blog wars/twitter wars etc. online concerning the arguments about the Gosselin Family...I've screengrabbed them but this post is long enough already! I'll drag them out of storage if needed--CJ)

No, that happened long before I joined the Facebook "TLC "Kate Plus 8" Fan Page" sometime around the end of August/beginning of September, 2010. We had just come back from a very stressful 5 week long trip to India with 2 babies and a preteen. I had gotten ill and lost 26 lbs...came home to learn my beloved 14 year old cat Moose was dying of kidney failure (he died in early August, 2 weeks after we got home)...I wanted something to distract me from my grief so when I checked my Facebook home page one day and there was an "So and so liked TLC "Kate Plus 8" Fan Page!" So I thought, oh yeah, the show about all the kids, I remember watching that a long time ago! And hearing about the Gosselin's divorce the year before, I thought, oh, good, the show is still on, wonder how big the kids are now? So I clicked the "Like" button out of curiosity--and a journey began that I never could have anticipated happening in real life.

I lurked on the page for a short while, to get the feel for the new site. I remember being really shocked at the attacks against Kate Gosselin, the kids' mom, for a multitude of 'sins'--"Fake boobs!" cried several posters. "Fake teeth!" cried others, still others "Fake hair! Fake nails! Fake tummy tuck!" (still not sure how one fakes a tummy tuck but you get the idea). There where also rants against the dad on the show, Jon Gosselin, for sleeping with women years younger than him and spending their money on drugs and smoking and wearing Ed Hardy shirts and hosting Playboy bunny parties or something...I remember thinking, WOW, that's not how I remember that couple! They seemed so real on the series "Jon & Kate Plus 8" in the early years! I did some googling and found some 'hate' blogs dedicated to tearing down these two people, found other blogs correcting misinformation from the hate was pretty wild to read some of the history about people like "Penn Mommy" who was supposedly a fan volunteering at the Gosselin home with the babies, who was dishing out unflattering gossip about Kate and Jon (mostly Kate)--only come to find out, the 'volunteer' lived thousands of miles away in California! Started learning the players who were pretty hard core in their hate of the couple (although now Kate is the sole recipient for the most part since Jon somehow achieved sainthood status in their eyes, go figure)...I remember my first post on the FB page was along the lines of "I don't care if Kate has fake hair, nails, tan, boobs, etc. What's important are the kids, who seem to be very well taken care of and as far as I know, they've never been removed from Kate's custody! :-)"

Little did I know that my OPINION of the situation would enrage some of the 'haters' as I learned they were called (or Khaters=Kate haters) so much so that to this day several are still MY "enemies" because of those early FB days! I had been on the internet since 1994, learned about USENET groups from my husband back then who participated in some political groups and a cat group or two since we had young Moose who had a few behavior problems--when we learned we were dealing with infertility problems, he found some support groups on USENET for me to join to get information and some point he stopped participating in his groups, but I was pretty active for the next dozen years or so. I also found some soap opera/science fiction/scrapbooking/crafts groups I enjoyed on USENET as well. In between I had become politically active as well, becoming a member of one of the largest conservative websites online called So I had a lot of practice dealing with groups online, as well as the occasional 'flame wars' and 'trolls' who would pop in to cause problems. I learned how to speak up for myself in self-defense, and how to defend others who were being unjustly attacked for their opinions/beliefs. It was a good thing I had that background because otherwise what happened to me after becoming involved in the "Gosselin Wars" would have totally sideswiped me and thrown me for a loop! But more on that as more rebuttal posts are made!

Today the haters are on Twitter (and a handful of hate blogs dedicated to hating on Kate and her kids), having moved from Facebook (where Kate did not participate) to Twitter, which she joined after her show was cancelled after a successful 7 year run on cable tv. Surprisingly, when Kate joined she began tweeting back and forth with various fans/supporters (folks like me who didn't follow each and every episode like the haters do, but supported her as a fellow mom who had similar problems/victories/worries in everyday life), much to the consternation of the haters. I was fortunate to be included in that group...not that Kate and I are BFFs, or whatever, LOL. A tweet here and there, not really any big deal, but these haters? They deny it but so much of their behavior boils down to plain. old. jealousy. Nothing more.

Much has happened since that time, and I and my family have been attacked so many times I don't know where to begin, but for sure, I, "CJ" as I am known online, did NOT start the attacks by any means. I mean to clear that up here, and future posts will clarify the truth about various other 'memes' i.e. LIES told about me so often even the haters believe they are true after all these years!

After my first comment posted, I was attacked/belittled by what seemed to be a small group of regulars on the FB nickname online for many years was 'whodunit' and when I signed up for FB it wanted a first name so I gave my initials-"CJ"--combined "CJWhodunit". The haters assumed immediately that I was a fake account or 'sockpuppet'/'sock' of one of the regulars who defended Kate/Jon/fans! Of course I wasn't but in hindsight I can see why they thought that, although I didn't personally attack ANY of them. I made it clear I was myself and I didn't 'sock', and I tried to use humor to get through to them because I have made friends online with other folks who had different opinions than me, and in my naivete I thought that would happen here.

It didn't. There were snarks, I would snark back. Attacks on folks who became online friends, I would counter with defending them from the attacks--never with cursing or nasty language, trying to use common sense but it was like beating my head against the desk. Back then FB had discussion boards where folks could create a topic and discuss it, many times the haters (or 'cupcakes' as they were called on FB, I believe because instead of actually having decent discussions with others, the haters would start discussing cupcake recipes, candy, etc.). I remember at times being so aggravated by their juvenile attempts to ridicule others, I would respond by copying their posts, posting definitions, etc. to get their goats, LOL. Didn't work, they'd keep on keeping on with their hating.)

At some point there was a 'truce' where everyone promised to play nice with each other. I made the dumbest decision of my life when I was convinced to change my FB name of "CJWhodunit" to my real name (several high school friends had tried to reach me but couldn't find me under my nickname so I thought, killing two birds with one stone! Everyone is happy!)--hoo boy, I couldn't have been more mistaken, shaking my head here remembering.

Behind the scenes, the haters began investigating me on Google (and from other resources available at a car dealership? I've always wondered), especially a woman named Kristine Jensen, who worked as a receptionist at a car dealership. My first indication that the 'truce' had gone bad was when someone exposed the haters in an incident that came to be known as "Code Red"--basically, the haters created a sock of a young woman named "Emma" who was supposedly pregnant with triplets...who had signed up on the FB to get advice from Kate Gosselin on how to deal with multiples.

Only problem was--EMMA WASN'T REAL.


(In a later version I received, Melanie Clarkson had deactivated her account by then once exposed, so her avatar and name are missing from the screengrabs.)

 Several other haters join the conversation where they are mocking fans/Kate, etc. At one point Aimee Giles suggests calling the police on a fan's daughter's wedding reception and claiming DRUGS are being dealt! The other haters laugh with her, then this interesting conversation which is pertinent to what happened to ME personally as time went on:

 There are many more screengrabs of these people discussing ruining other peoples' LIVES with absolutely NO scruples whatsoever, absolutely incredible to read still after all these years!
Soon, the conversation mentions ME--mind you, I *NEVER* had a hidden conversation about ANYONE in the hater crowd at this point in time:

Remember, that last blank picture on the screengrab is MELANIE CLARKSON of SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. That is pertinent to what happened to me and my husband and our family in real life later on.

More chitchat, then...

 Hmmm. No, "Carolyne is attacking people and calling them terrible names and saying terrible things
!" but "CJ is obsessed with posting "positives" on the site tonight"???

Ah, at last my 'crimes' are mentioned! I SAID POSITIVE THINGS.

Wait, what?!

Yes, I 'annoyed' these haters because...I said positive things and defended myself, Kate, her children, and others on the FB "Kate Plus 8" Fan Page.

Shaking my head here.

But wait! There's more!

The truce dissolved once people learned that they were being messed with royally ("Emma" had a miscarriage and some folks actually wanted to take up a collection to help her pay for the baby's funeral! Unreal!)

So, I and many others blocked the lot of them. And the whining you just would NOT believe. Oh, my gosh, these haters would freak out if you blocked them! They just couldn't stand it and to this day they can't stand it. My new friends and I were enjoying relative peacefulness because while these haters were still spewing their nastiness all over the page, we who had blocked them couldn't see it, and that was very nice indeed.

But like I said, the haters couldn't.stand.being.blocked.

So like little children they devised ways to get our attention. I learned that by logging out of FB and then looking up the page, I could see the full set of comments from everyone...and as "Hope", a young college student warned me before she went her own way due to the personal attacks on her by these haters, they were up to no good, commenting in some sort of 'code'--so I logged out to check what she was referring to...and saw Kristine Jensen and Melanie Clarkson and others using numbers/locations etc. of various things from MY life--my house number, my birthday in number form, etc.--chatting back and forth releasing more and more bits & pieces about my private life...

...which of course I know now is considered public since it can be found online on the White Pages, etc. but back then I didn't know and I was TERRIFIED of Kristine Jensen releasing my address where God knew who could come to my house and try to break in or worse! Little did I I unblocked Kristine Jensen and invited her to a PM/'private message', sort of FB email.  This is how that conversation went:

 Am I the only one who feels a threatening undertone from Kristine Jensen in this exchange??

 And so, it becomes pretty clear that nope, I, "CJ", did NOT start this mess online. It started LONG before I ever liked the Facebook "TLC "Kate Plus 8" Fan Page" and was dragged into the Gosselin war mess online...

More rebuttals to come.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Coming Soon: "The Rebuttals" Series

Image Source:   

I am finally able to exercise my First Amendment Right to Free Speech as an American citizen here on this blog after more than a year of being silenced by unconstitutional attacks against me. I have been publicly accused of many things over the past 4 years, the majority of which are nothing more than a tissue of LIES. Therefore, coming soon, a series of posts which will be rebuttals of those accusations, including the classic hater memes of "CJ bashes babies on their deathbeds!!!" and "CJ hacked into our bank accounts and credit card accounts!!!" and "CJ has NEVER been correct in figuring out who is really behind the socks attacking her!!!" (winks at Lora Lusher :-) and "CJ bashed my kid and hurt his feelings so I'm going to tell the whoppers of ALL whoppers I've ever told!" and oh, so many others. "Naming names and kicking butt" is the phrase, I believe! ;-) Of course, everything will be documented, as I always do. And finally,

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: New Year, New Beginnings

     I had thought I'd post about the legal stuff happening here, but I have been advised to hold off on that. I *can* tell you I have had several 'guardian angels' in the background helping us out, and since one has graciously given me permission to do this, I'd like to share a little bit of our holiday season with y'all. :-)

     You know him as "Captien/Captain Obvious" on Twitter, unfortunately due to threats against him and his family I can't reveal real names or locations, so please forgive me that. Suffice to say, there have been allegations that "Captain" (CO) and "Bullyville/James McGibney" are the same person--no. I've spoken with James on the phone, and I have met CO and I can tell you they are NOT the same person. :-)

     With that out of the way!

     CO & family kindly invited us over for a holiday meal, and the offer was accepted. First off, wow!! Their home is in an older neighborhood, so wonderful mature trees EVERYWHERE (we have 'teenager' trees, LOL)...the house is absolutely gorgeously painted and decorated (some of the breakable art pieces worried me a little but no problems) although on the 'tour' through there are still more renovations being planned...Mrs. CO (should I call her "SallyInga"?? LOLOL) went all out for us (muchly appreciated! :-) and the house was immaculate and furnished like a model home for a new subdivision! :-) Wish I could show you all some pictures but CO says folks could actually use info from images to track him & family down :-( but let me tell you, granite countertops and a beautiful fireplace that looked to go about 20 ft up in the formal living room area, lots of windows there overlooking the swimming pool and spa in the back yard--yes, there's *really* a swimming pool there, at night it was lit up and the glow was spectacular on the landscaping and features outside. Sadly it was a bit too cold to hang out there but we've been promised when the weather warms up my kids are welcome to come over for a playdate with the youngest COs and have a swim party! They are looking forward to that! ;-)

     Guys love to talk tech talk and sports (just how much can people complain about the Dallas Cowboys, LOL??), so Mrs. CO spent more time getting to know each other better--the short visits before are usually interrupted by my younger attention seeking twins but snacks will keep them busy for a few minutes! ;-) Big sister couldn't make it due to prior plans with her friends but maybe next time! 

     We were really impressed with the study, built in bookshelves, a beautiful room and desk and a fireplace (love it!) that is CO's business office. Very nice open floor plan downstairs where you can move from room to room easily (as their cats did following us around, LOL).

     The dining room was seriously house glamour magazine ready :-) with some of the most beautiful place settings I've ever seen...colors were green, silver and cream--just absolutely beautiful! The pictures below don't do them justice, especially when the candles were lighted...There were lots of sterling silver pieces from the flatware, plate chargers, candlesticks, serving pieces, etc. I asked Mrs. CO how did she find the time to clean it all and learned a great fast easy way to clean silver.  (1) Get a large glass pan or ceramic baking dish and place a piece of foil at the bottom shiny side up, (2) sprinkle a couple tablespoons of baking soda on the foil, (4) pour boiling water into the pat dissolving the baking soda, (5) immerse the silver pieces into the hot water making sure they touch the foil, the tarnish literally disappears before your eyes,  and then (6) Rinse off to remove any baking soda residue and polish with a soft dry cloth. Ta da! No harsh chemicals! I only have a few pieces of silver at home, can't wait to try this on them! :-)

Mrs. CO's gorgeous china & silver place settings, lovely!

The floral centerpiece was perfect for the table, in white/cream/greens.

    Mrs. CO was such a gracious hostess, she totally reminded me in some ways of the 1950's tv wives who would fix dinner in a beautiful dress, high heels and pearls (though she's not as old as those ladies were, LOL). Apparently they entertain business contacts frequently so she has hostessing down pat! She wore this lovely amethyst raw silk jacket that totally matched the ring CO gave her...and believe me, that is NOT a cheap piece of jewelry! Again pics don't do it justice, very lovely combination! :-) I felt a bit underdressed but they made us feel very comfortable and welcome and we're looking forward to not only visiting them again, but having them over for a homemade Indian dinner sometime soon! DH is a pretty good cook (but don't ask his mom, LOLOL!) and I think the CO's would enjoy it, although kids might want the food less spicy! ;-)

Note to self: Remember to give DH those lessons in clear picture taking!
Speaking of spicy, Mrs. CO served some homemade traditional Tex-Mex dishes, and the chicken enchiladas were my favorites! Reminds me, I need to get that recipe from her, I watched her prepare some of it while we enjoyed some white wine (I don't usually drink wine but that tasted very nice without making me feel tipsy! ;-) and the kids did their kids thing. Love how kids can become best friends so quickly after just a few meetings! They entertain themselves after that! ;-)

Anyhow, thank you again CO and Mrs. CO for a very lovely evening, and may we return the favor soon! They say good things can come from bad, and that is sooooo true! If I hadn't had to deal with all these hater things the past few years, God would have never sent these 'guardian angels' like CO our way to help us out for no other reason than the kindness of their hearts. :*)

I’ve been grateful for the work that James and CO and Faux and others have done behind the scenes to prove my innocence, and ensure the police here know who the ~real~ stalkers/lawbreakers are and what they’ve done.  I think 2014 will be a great year and I can finally breath a sign of relief that the truth will be out there for everyone to see first hand. :-)
Cheers! To 2014 and new friends! :-)

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All rights reserved.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!

©CJDean-Pillutla 2013
Another year has passed, so quickly it seems! :-) Hard to believe 2014 is right around the corner--and along with it comes New Year's resolutions! I'll be going for the same 3 resolutions of past years: 1)Get to 24Hr Fitness more often to exercise; 2) lose weight and get healthier, and 3) stop biting my nails, my worst habit of all, LOL. Wondering what kind of wonderful blessings God has in store for me in 2014? Looking forward to finding out! :-)

My Christmas wish and New Year's prayer for you is for God to bless all of you and your families abundantly with good health, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness, whatever yours may be! :-)

Wanna share your Christmas wishes and New Year's resolutions in the comments below? Feel free to discuss to your heart's content, or discuss anything else (within reason, and following my few rules, ie watch the cussing & personal attacks on other posters)! And don't forget the Reason for the Season: the Birth of the Christ Child, sent to save us all. :*)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Open Discussion

There's so much happening right now, wish I had more time to write in detail, but I wanted to at least put up a new post and say hi to everyone! :-)

This is an open discussion post, anything goes--within reason. No cussin', no going after specific people and attackin' them--that's basically it as far as rules go. As I said, lots going on right now I can't talk about (under advisement) BUT that doesn't mean y'all can't talk amongst yourselves! :-)

So have at it!

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