Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth Will Out

Image Source: "happytoinspire"/Unknown

What is your definition of "the truth"?
Not about any specific situation right
now, but in general--

Is it important to you to teach your children
that "honesty is the best policy"?

It is for me.    

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Image Source: tweettunnel.com

This statement using MY home town in it is out and out LIBEL against me. Before @underwalt/"Walt"/Kelly O'Neill Miller went under cover on Twitter again earlier today, I managed to save a screenshot of his/her attack against me on Twitter (if the information that he is sharing his account with @EmeraldCityJazz/Lora Lynn Lusher is true, it may be her posting these LIES about me, don't know the truth yet, but since it is in HIS name, this is directed to HIM). Need to discern if he/she's made the same accusations on hater blog "RWA/Reality Without Apologies" blog as well. Screengrab is from tweettunnel.com, a website that archives old tweets.

The link "@underwalt" tweeted with MY home town goes here:
TEXAS PENAL CODE http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/Docs/PE/htm/PE.33.htm#33.07

Oddly, that passage describes what @underwalt and his hater friends do all the time! >:-(

Now, @underwalt posting this information with MY hometown and the LIES as to origins of "Anonymous" and others' posts on Twitter last night (February 13, 2013) forward as coming from MY home town here seems to imply that he/she is exhorting fellow haters to call the police department in MY home town to report *ME* for being "Anonymous" and/or other Twitter accounts confronting RWA/Twitter/etc. members...WHICH IS ALL A LIE.

I am NOT "Anonymous".
I am NOT "MadBritishGuy".


@underwalt/"Walt"/Kelly O'Neill Miller, I am asking you to please delete that libelous tweet and any others blaming *ME*, Carolyne Dean-Pillutla (and any variations thereof), screen name "CJWhodunit", from your Twitter.com account and from "RWA/Reality Without Apologies" blog and leave me out of your baseless accusations that I am "@Anonymous", "MadBritishGuy","@Miramar", "@BuzzedBunny", "@WhyleeCoyote", among others that you have issues with...I am NONE of them nor am I *any* other sock. 


I am tired of the libelous attacks against me, and the cyberterrorism (for ex. @insiderwhoknows on Twitter) directed my way for over two years now. Enough is enough.

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Real Life & Internet Bullying"-Kate Gosselin Speaks Out-FINALLY

February 8, 2013: Bullyville.com

Good for Kate! Glad to see her addressing this issue publicly. :-)

What are your opinions on this? Is Kate justified in claiming she's been unfairly bullied in real life and online throughout cyberspace? Or is she just too sensitive to 'critiques', criticism and crap posted about her, just 'thin skinned' to 'truther truths'?

Let the dialog begin!

Let's Talk...BISCUITS :-)

Y'all, my local Walmart grocery store has started carrying a new brand called "Immaculate"--organic biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and cookie dough so far. Organic, healthy, DELICIOUS! Immaculate Baking Company not only makes GREAT food, but they support homegrown folk artists as well! Check out their website and see who they support. I love folk art, so cool for these artists to get their time in the 'spotlight' with Immaculate foodstuffs! :-)

Seriously, if you see this product in your supermarket or grocery store, pick up a can of blueberry biscuits or their cinnamon rolls or cranberry/orange biscuits. Awesome with some chai or hot coffee, YUM! You will be glad you did! :-)
~This Image is the Property of  & Copyrighted by C.J. Dean-Pillutla 2013 via Instagram.com~

 These biscuits are huge, each one almost a meal in itself! :-)
~This Image is the Property of  & Copyrighted by C.J. Dean-Pillutla 2013 via Instagram.com~